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  1. FIC également récompensé au CEBIT

FIC également récompensé au CEBIT

  • Publié par Sebastien le 19 mars 2002 à 13:06

FIC nous informe qu'il a également été récompensé lors du CEBIT 2002. Ces récompenses ont été reçues pour la carte mère VC19 (pour pentirum 4) et les tablets PC.

"Taipei 18 March 2002- First International Computers has won yet another prestigious award, this time from Eurotrade. FIC’s tablet PC, Crystal and the brand new VC19 motherboard have both won the Eurotrade Best of Taiwan’s Best award.

Gene Sheu, president of FIC’s Networking and Information Group is currently in Hannover at the CeBIT 2002 show where FIC is currently enjoying substantial media attention. Sheu was obviously very pleased at the news and commented, “FIC has been at the forefront of the motherboard market for many years now and awards like this are always welcome. It’s also good to see our more revolutionary products like tablet PCs walk away with awards as well. This is another example of how FIC are maintaining a leading market position in a range of fields.”

comments are well founded, FIC are indeed leading players in a number of fields and the range of products on show at CeBIT this year is impressive to say the least. The new Bluetooth Pocket PC and AquaPad are causing a considerable stir in the technology press and the new range of FIC motherboards are once again setting the industry standard.

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