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  1. ZoneAlarm version 3.0.062 Bêta

ZoneAlarm version 3.0.062 Bêta

  • Publié par Sebastien le 8 février 2002 à 11:04

ZoneLabs vient de mettre en ligne une nouvelle version Bêta de son célèbre firewall ZoneAlarm. Celle-ci porte le numéro de version 3.0.062 Bêta et voici ci-dessous la liste des changements apportées. (en anglais) Pour le téléchargement de ZoneAlarm 3.0.062 cliquez ici.

  • Security that's tighter than ever

  • An all-new interface for new and expert users alike

  • Privacy protection including cookie control, ad blocking and mobile code control

  • Component protection to prevent abuse of trusted programs

  • Professional logging with new IP address mapping and more info

  • Enhanced networking with unique wireless network identity

  • Expanded information and control

  • User-controlled interface color schemes

  • All previous beta testers are welcome. New beta testers must have advanced computer knowledge and be able to perform complete, clean uninstallations, be able to use Safe Mode, and generally be able to recover from system crashes should such a crash occur. Testing is at your own risk and Zone Labs does not offer technical support for beta testers. Beta software is not for general release; you may encounter unexpected problems when using the beta software

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