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Pour ceux sous Mac : pourriez vous tester ça svp


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Pour ceux sous Mac : pourriez vous tester ça svp





Ca serait pas les restes de elby CloneDVD2Mac dont je parlais récemment ?


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Salut SEB, salut Baptiste,


Voici le shmilblick in english. :respect:



Roxio - CD Burning, Photo Editing & DVD Burning Software


â– CloneDVD2 Mac update


â– CloneDVD2751.dmg

Version :

Open day : 2005/03/17

File size : 5.07MB


Update contents



* Version New: When “menu retention†is not done, the title which is selected is entirely in turn played back. Playback order becomes title number order. The title which “first attaches the mark of playback†is played back always first.

* Example: Title selecting 10, 11, 13 and 15, when first you attach the playback mark to title 11, playback order becomes with 11, 10, 13 and 15.

* Modification: In the problem where abnormal file size exists check of illegitimate file size removal (because of this, with mastering error correspondence).

* New: When completing the job, when failing of job, adding sound at the time of media waiting.

* Correction: Error message “Module 1 vobproperties.cpp 62 TCE " is made.


* Version New: After the completing the job, adding the performance which shuts down the computer

* Modification: All sounds and a state where subtitle is selected modification to default. The inexperienced user mistaking, because audio subtitle is not made to miss.

* It is small modification and improvement

* Language fail clean up


* Version Modification: Removing the message that confusion is caused “cannot detect layer breakingâ€,

* Correction: Correcting the fact that it has the fact that automatic renewal check makes the program crash


* Version New: “The Extreme Extended†DVD-R media (4.85GB) correspondence (it is necessary to appoint to 4850MB at custom size)

* New: The “abnormal termination time†and adding the sound “at the time of replacement waiting of the mediaâ€

* New: Automatic renewal check

* New: Chinese language addition

* Modification: “Automatic operation selection of the stream which is removed is made effectiveâ€, default effectively modification

* Modification: “For division quality improvement the item which is not used the filter is doneâ€, default effectively modification

* Modification: Appointment of custom size was made simpler

* Modification: It tried the screen saver and economical electrical setting to return more quickly

* Correction: Way just error message is indicated in place of the message of the semantic obscurity, “WriteDVD error 100â€, correction

* Correction: Correcting UI of device selective and progress dialogue

* In addition detailed modification and correction

* Language fail clean up


* Version New: Measure it did in the mastering error of NavigationPack 6

* New: Measure it did in illegitimate angle designated mastering error

* New: Operation when it fails in setup of DVD drive was made more magnanimous.


A toi Baptiste... :biere:

Dès ton retour de vacance ;)



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Est ce que ca utilise le meme type de fichiers linguistiques que la version PC ?

Tu pourrais a la rigueur si ca marche copier / coller un fichier de langue de la version pc vers la version mac

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OK merci :respect: :) C'est déjà bien !



Au moins on sait qu'il s'agit bien du CloneDVD2Mac de elby. Apparemment ça serait donc Roxio Japon qui aurait racheté ou du moins distribué ce soft au Japon :heu:

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