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FlashFXP disponible en version 3 RC4

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flashfxp disponible en version 3 RC4


A télécharger sur cette page http://www.blue-hardware.com/divers/downlo...elecharge97.php



Si comme moi, vous êtes un utilisateur enregistré, il suffit de faire une demande de mise à jour de clé. C'est gratuit et ca permet d'avoir la version 3 enregistré.






flashfxp v3.0.0.1010 Public RC4 - What's New


New Features


Added auto-detect logic to improve passive mode handling for servers that incorrectly report their IP address.

Added support for FEAT and CLNT

Added support for Secure FXP using SSCN

Added Option to force Active mode to use a user defined IP or perform a external IP lookup.

Added support for 'stat -l' fast directory list

Added Support for importing Total Commander Sites

Added -get command line param, when passed flashfxp will transfer a file passed via the command line i.e. ftp://ftp.myhost.com/download.exe

Added Multi-IP support to site profiles.

Added PRET support

Added Priority transfer list

Added Time Zone setting to Site Manager - By setting the time zone File/Folder times are displayed in your local time zone.

Added 'Hibernate' to the list of on transfer complete events.

Added Selective Transfer feature

Added option "Reveal password when selecting password field"

Added Transfer Graph (only ftp transfer speeds can be graphed)

Added Backup and Restore feature

Added Internet Explorer Integration option




Local Browser dropdown box now supports direct text editing.

Remote Browser dropdownbox now matches the design style of the Local Browser dropdown box.

Improved Site Import Dialog

When Deleting files from a remote ftp server symbolic links are now treated and deleted as files.

Improved calculate ftp space used dialog

Improved Ident Daemon, and added per-site option

Improved Support for Windows XP Themes

Improved the backend for the queue

Rewrote the compare folder feature

Improved File Exists Options Dialog

Improved the internal text editor

Improved Status Window - It now supports basic keyboard navigation

Improved SSL/TLS support

CHMOD command now supports recursive changes as well as changing folders separately from files.

Major improvements to the file listing speed

Major improvements to the FTP file search/list view

Filename case conversions are now supported in site to site transfers

Speed can now be displayed in Kilobits/s in addition to Kilobytes/s


This list comprises the most important additions and changes since flashfxp v2.1. There are many more minor changes, fixes, and additions that make flashfxp v3.0 easier to use and faster than ever!

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