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TouchPad : comment ça marche???


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Jolie explication  :biere:


Merci wikipedia  :yais:  ( Baptiste aussi  :D  :biere: )


d apres toi, on peut court-circuiter un touch pad ?

Ce test sera réalisé par Gregdimano sous la banniere BH  :D



J'ai fais quoi :??:

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Touchpads commonly operate by sensing the capacitance of a finger. Capacitive sensors are laid out along the horizontal and vertical axis of the touchpad. The location of the finger is determined from the pattern of capacitance from these sensors. This is why they will not sense the tip of a pencil or even a finger in a glove.


Touchpads are relative motion devices. That is, there is no isomorphism from the screen to the touchpad. Instead, relative motion of the user's fingers causes relative motion of the cursor. The buttons below or above the pad serve as mouse standard buttons. You can also click by tapping your finger on the touchpad, and drag with a tap following by a continuous pointing motion (a click-and-a-half). Touchpads Some touch pads also have "hotspots": locations on the touchpad that indicate user intentions other than pointing. For example, on certain touchpads, moving your finger along the right edge of the touch pad will control the scrollbar and scroll the window that has the focus vertically. Moving the finger on the bottom of the touchpad often scrolls in horizontal direction.


ils parlent de "motif de capacité"


Où çà ? :??:

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Pattern of capacitance  :voila:


Ca doit vouloir dire un autre truc tu me diras  :frenchy:


Je n'y connais rien en électronique mais je dirais "modèle de capacité" (puisque le capteur fait des comparaisons avec des constantes).

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