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  1. Les pilotes Radeon sortent en version 17.9.3 WHQL

Les pilotes Radeon sortent en version 17.9.3 WHQL

  • Publié par Sebastien le 6 octobre 2017 à 11:10

AMD vient de mettre en ligne la version 17.9.3 WHQL des pilotes Radeon Software Crimson ReLive.Ces nouveaux drivers sont optimisés pour les jeux Total War: WARHAMMER II et Forza Motorsport 7. Ils apportent également plusieurs correctifs comme on peut le voir ci-dessous.

MAJ : les drivers ont obtenu la certification WHQL.

Voilà le changelog complet :

Fixed Issues
– The drop-down option to enable Enhanced Sync may be missing in Radeon Settings on Radeon RX Vega Series Graphics Products.
– ReLive may cause higher idle clocks on the secondary Radeon RX Vega Series Graphics Product in a multi-GPU configuration on certain AMD Ryzen based systems.
– Negative scaling in F1 2017 may be observed on Radeon RX 580 Series Graphics products in multi-GPU system configurations.

Known Issues
– Unstable Radeon WattMan profiles may not be restored to default after a system hang. A workaround is to launch Radeon WattMan after reboot and restore settings to default.
– Wattman may fail to apply user adjusted voltage values on certain configurations.
– Radeon Settings may not populate game profiles after Radeon Software’s initial install.
– Overwatch may experience a random or intermittent hang on some system configurations.
– GPU Scaling may fail to work on some DirectX®11 applications.
– Secondary displays may show corruption or green screen when the display/system enters sleep or hibernate with content playing.
– Bezel compensation in mixed mode Eyefinity cannot be applied.
– When recording with Radeon ReLive on Radeon RX Vega Series graphics products GPU usage and clocks may remain in high states.

-> Télécharger les drivers Radeon 17.9.3 WHQL

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