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  1. Sandra 2012 SP4 dispo : support des CPU Ivy Bridge et de Windows 8

Sandra 2012 SP4 dispo : support des CPU Ivy Bridge et de Windows 8

  • Publié par Sebastien le 30 avril 2012 à 08:15

L’éditeur SiSoftware vient de publier une nouvelle version de SANDRA 2012, son célèbre logiciel d’informations et de tests. Rappelons que S.A.N.D.R.A. (qui signifie System ANalyser, Diagnostic and Reporting Assistant) permet d’obtenir les caractéristiques techniques complètes de machine (processeur, mémoire, disque dur, etc..) et de tester les performances de l’ensemble des composants de votre PC.

La nouvelle version du logiciel porte le nom de SANDRA 2012 SP4 (numéro de version : 2012.06.18.45). Elle apporte de nombreux changements et améliorations comme vous pouvez le voir dans le changelog ci-dessous. Les benchs ont par exemple été revus afin de supporter les nouveaux processeurs Ivy Bridge et le SDK 4.2 de CUDA. Sandra 2012 est par ailleurs annoncé comme compatible avec Windows 8.

Télécharger Sandra 2012.06.18.45


SiSoft Sandra 2012


Voilà le changelog complet :

– Benchmark: Memory/Cache Latency: As per SP3a announcement, a correction was added for CPUs with invariant TSCs (time stamp counter, i.e. clock count register), which meant CPUs under Turbo / Dynamic Overclocking count at *rated speed* not current speed.

– Benchmark: GPGPU nVidia Kepler: Updated to CUDA SDK 4.2 that supports Kepler: Sandra now contains code paths for SM 3.0/Kepler, 2.x/Fermi and 1.x/G8X devices in the hybrid PTX thus all should run at their best.

– Benchmark: GPGPU Crypto on nVidia: The hashing test (SHA256/SHA1) now works on drivers 301.xx on both Kepler & Fermi in CUDA & OpenCL. As mentioned, this was not our bug but nVidia’s – was broken since 296.xx.

– Benchmark: GPGPU on Intel IvyBridge: Native double/FP64 is supported in DirectX ComputeShader but not OpenCL. Following Khronos certification ARB/FP64 should be enabled in future drivers and thus

– Benchmark: Video/GPGPU transfer speeds on PCIe 3.0: you may experience low speeds due to power management of PCIe link speeds; in some cases the driver does not scale the speed up to 8 Gt/s.

– Benchmark: A request has been made to switch the position of « CPU Cryptography » and « CPU Multi-Core Efficiency.

– GUI: Animation disabled by default; you can enable it in Graphs / Controls Animation.

– GUI: XY Graph: We are evaluating different ways to present the Min/Max score information, i.e. the « rectangle in faint colour » matching the label. Where there is significant overlap the results are indeed confusing – but is exactly what the graph is trying to show.


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