Les drivers AMD Radeon Adrenalin passent à la version 20.2.2

Le constructeur AMD a publié hier les pilotes Radeon Adrenalin 20.2.2. Les drivers apportent exclusivement des corrections de bugs comme on peut le voir ci-dessous. Ce sont principalement des correctifs de jeux.

Les drivers Adrenalin 20.2.2 sont disponibles en téléchargement sur le site d’AMD.

Correctifs apportés :

– Performing a task switch with some Radeon Software features enabled or some third-party applications with hardware acceleration running in the background may cause a system hang or black screen.
– Improvements have been made that allow for more responsive fan ramp up or fan ramp down times on Radeon RX 5700 series graphics products.
– Performance Metrics Overlay and Radeon WattMan incorrectly report lower than expected clock speeds on Radeon RX 5700 series graphics products during gaming workloads.
– When Instant Replay is enabled, a TDR or black screen may occur when launching games or applications.
– A black screen may occur when toggling HDR on in the game settings of Battlefield V.
– The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt may experience an application hang or black screen during certain parts of the game or intermittently during gameplay.
– Some video content in Chrome may appear as a black screen or be unresponsive on Radeon RX 5000 series graphics products when hardware acceleration is enabled.
– Metro Exodus may experience an application hang or TDR when choosing some specific dialogue prompts in the Sam’s Story DLC.
– Grand Theft Auto V may experience an application crash when invoking Radeon Software’s overlay with third party OSD applications running.
– Monster Hunter World: Iceborne may experience intermittent crashes while idle or on the character creation screen.
– Some games colors may appear washed out when HDR mode has been enabled in game and Windows on Radeon RX 5700 series graphics products
– After a Factory Reset installation with the ‘Keep My Settings’ option chosen, Instant Replay could fail to function if it was enabled in the previous Radeon Software installation.
– When invoking Radeon Software’s overlay while a game is open users may observe flickering in the game or in the Radeon Software interface.
– Radeon Software may experience a crash and error message when locking Windows® or performing a sleep or hibernate with the Radeon Software Streaming tab open.
– A loss of display with working audio may be experienced on a limited number of displays when performing a mode change on Radeon RX 5000 series graphics products.
– Radeon Software may fail to launch if Radeon Software’s overlay is disabled and a game is running in the background.
– Battlefield V may experience an application hang or TDR after extended periods of play.
– Some Origin games may fail to be detected or may detect the incorrect game title in Radeon Software.
– Some productivity applications are being detected and listed in the Radeon Software games tab.
– The Radeon Chill hotkey could sometimes continue to remain enabled once the user has removed or disabled the hotkey.
– Red Dead Redemption 2 may exhibit blocky textures on snow covered terrain.
– After resuming from sleep, Chrome may experience an application crash if video content was previously playing on Radeon RX 5700 series graphics products.
– Radeon FreeSync status in Radeon Software may sometimes fail to update when enabling or disabling the feature through the display itself.
– Fortnite may experience an application crash on Radeon RX 500 series Hybrid Graphics system configurations.

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