Les logiciels Hwinfo32 et Hwinfo64 sortent en version 5.54

Les programmes Hwinfo32 (32bit) et Hwinfo64 (64bit) viennent tous les deux d’être mis à jour. Ils sont à présent disponibles en version 5.54. Ce nouvel opus apporte de nombreux changements et correctifs comme on peut le voir ci-dessous.

Changelog Hwinfo 5.54
– Extended reporting of NVMe drive temperatures and added thresholds to sensors.
– Improved calculation of Corsair PSU efficiency.
– Added monitoring of EVGA iCX additional GPU temperatures and fans.
– Added support of Corsair Link Commander Pro (CLCP).
– Added reporting of CPU process technology (nm).
– Added monitoring of NVIDA GPU performance limiting reasons.
– Enhanced sensor monitoring on ASUS ROG STRIX X299-E GAMING.
– Enhanced sensor monitoring on ASUS PRIME X299-A, PRIME X299-DELUXE and TUF X299 series.
– Enhanced sensor monitoring on MSI X299 series mainboards.
– Improved measuring of BCLK on Skylake-X.
– Fixed a bug causing Shift- and Alt- hot key combinations not to work properly.
– Added support of RTSS OSD custom colors (requires RTSS v7.0.0 or later).
– Added support of RTSS OSD graphs (requires RTSS v7.0.0 beta 24 or later).
– Added AMD Radeon Vega Frontier Edition.
– Added option to specify custom/fixed font size for tray icons.
– Improved option for number alignment in RTSS OSD.
– Enhanced sensor monitoring on ASUS ROG ZENITH EXTREME.
– Enhanced sensor monitoring on GIGABYTE X299 series.
– Enhanced support of AMD Radeon Vega.

–> Télécharger Hwinfo32 5.54
–> Télécharger Hwinfo64 5.54

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