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  1. SiSoftware publie la version 2014.10.20.47 de Sandra 2014

SiSoftware publie la version 2014.10.20.47 de Sandra 2014

  • Publié par Sebastien le 25 septembre 2014 à 04:22

L’éditeur SiSoftware vient de publier une nouvelle version de son célèbre logiciel SANDRA. Il s’agit précisément de la version 2014.10.20.47 du programme. Celle-ci apporte le support des processeurs Intel Core i7-5000 (Haswell-EX), le support de la mémoire DDR4 et le support de architectures / technologies NVIDIA SM 5.2 et CUDA 6.5 v2. Le changelog complet est disponible ci-dessous.

-> Télécharger Sandra 2014 SP3c (version 2014.10.20.47)

Changelog officiel de Sandra 2014 SP3c (en anglais) :

* Support for “Haswell-EX” aka Core i7-5000 series
– Similar optimisations as for normal Haswell
– DDR4 support

* Support for “Big Maxwell” aka SM5.2 devices; CUDA SDK 6.5 v2
Minor optimisations for both SM10X and SM20X Maxwell devices:
– GPGPU Crypto AES
– GPGPU Scientific N-Body simulation

* Package Power State Limitation detection for Core CPUs
– We have personally observed laptops/ultrabooks that artificially limit the lowest package power state (e.g. C0/C1). While desktop Haswell not enabling C6/C7 states by default – unless a compatible power supply is used – is well known, mobile/ULV versions do also run into this issue. This causes abnormal power draw in idle mode that is important for mobile/ULV ultrabooks.

Note we’re talking “package lowest power C-state” not individual cores’ C-states.

Unfortunately, in most cases, the register is locked by the BIOS thus changes are not possible: an unlocked/modded BIOS is required. This “issue” is well-known to “hackintosh” modders as OSX power management expects this register to be unlocked. Some BIOSes preserve “factory default” value of the CPU: that would mean some CPUs have been released with “incorrect” default lowest state.

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