Une nouvelle version (30.69) de Sandra 2020 est disponible en téléchargement

Après les versions 30.57 et 30.61 sorties au début du mois d’août, le programme d’informations SiSoft SANDRA 2020 nous arrive aujourd’hui en version  2020.9.30.69. C’est une mise à jour mineure qui améliore le support matériel des benchs GPU et CPU. La version 30.69 apporte aussi quelques correctifs de bugs

La liste complète des nouveautés est disponible ci-dessous. Vous pouvez télécharger Sandra 2020 version 2020.9.30.69 sur cette page de notre section Téléchargement.


Voilà les nouveautés de cette version :

GPGPU Benchmarks
– CUDA SDK 11.3+ Update for nVidia “Ampere” (SM8.x) – deprecated SM3.x support
– OpenCL SDK updated to 1.2 minimum, 2.x recommended and 3.x experimental.
– Increased addressing in all benchmarks (GPGPU Processing, Cryptography, Scientific Analysis, Financial Analysis Image Processing, etc) to 64-bit for large VRAM cards (12GB and larger)
– Increased limits allowing bigger grids/workloads on large memory systems (e.g. 24GB+ VRAM, 64GB+ RAM)
– Optimised (vectorised/predicated) some image processing kernels for higher performance on VLIW GPGPUs.

CPU / SVM Benchmarks
– Vectorised CPU Multi-Media 128-bit integer benchmark to support ADX/BMI(2) instructions as well as vectorised to support AVX512-IFMA (integer FMA 52-bit) on Intel “IceLake” and newer CPUs (also supporting AVX512-DQ, AVX2 and SSE4).
– Optimised .Net and Java Multi-Media 128-bit integer benchmarks similar to CPU version.
– Increased limits/addressing allowing bigger grids/workloads on large thread/memory systems (e.g. 256-thread, 256GB RAM)

Bug Fixes
– Fixed incorrect rounding function resulting in negative numbers displayed for zero values(!) Display issue only, actual values not affected.
– Fixed display for large scores in GPGPU Processing benchmarks (result would overflow the display routine). Display issue only, scores stored internally (database) or sent/received from Ranker were correct and will display correctly upon update.
– Fixed (sub)domain for Information Engine. Updated microcode, firmware, BIOS, driver versions are displayed again when available.

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