AMD publie les drivers Adrenalin 20.9.1


La firme AMD vient de mettre à disposition une nouvelle version de ses pilotes Radeon Adrenalin destinés à ses cartes grahiques du même nom. Il s’agit des drivers Radeon Adrenalin 20.9.1.

Pour une fois les nouveaux pilotes ne sont pas optimisés pour de nouveaux jeux contrairement à d’habitude, mais ils se contentent d’apporter de nombreuses corrections de bugs comme on peut le consulter ci-dessous.

Pour le téléchargement, rendez-vous sur le site d’AMD.

Liste des correctifs :

– A black screen, system crash or TDR may occur while gaming when performing task switches, enabling performance metrics overlay, or having video content/web browsers open on secondary displays on Radeon RX 5000 series graphics products system configurations.
– Project CARS 3 may experience performance issues when the Radeon Software performance metrics overlay is enabled.
– Error 1603 may occur during Radeon Software installation on some AMD Ryzen 5 Mobile Processors with Radeon Graphics system configurations.
– Error 195 may occur during Radeon Software installation on some AMD Ryzen 3 Mobile Processors with Radeon Vega Graphics.
– On some displays, power cycling the display while Radeon FreeSync is enabled may cause the display to remain black until the system is rebooted or the display is hot plugged.
– Flickering may occur in Borderlands 3 in some locations when Radeon Boost is enabled.
– Decoding some HEVC content using AMF Decoder may result in corruption in the clips playback.
– Performance Tuning fan profiles may sometimes not be applied after loading a saved profile.
– Radeon Software may sometimes crash or automatically exit when performing a game scan in the Gaming tab.
– Random color corruption may intermittently occur on some surfaces while playing matchmaking in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
– Notifications may be missing icons or text when hotkeys are used to invoke some Radeon Software streaming and recording features.
– Brightness flickering may be experienced on some VP9 video content playback through applications or web browsers on Radeon RX 5000 series graphics product system configurations.

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