Les drivers AMD Adrenalin 21.6.2 sont optimisés pour Doom Eternal raytracing


Le fabricant AMD propose une nouvelle version des pilotes Radeon Adrenalin. Les nouveaux drivers 21.6.2 sont optimisés pour le jeu Doom Eternal avec prise en charge du raytracing. Les drivers  supportent également de nouvelles extensions Vulkan

Les drivers Adrenalin 21.6.2 sont disponibles en téléchargement sur le site d’AMD.

Voilà le changelog complet :

Support For

  • DOOM Eternal
  • Vulkan Ray Tracing

Added Vulkan Support

  • VK_EXT_custom_border_color : This extension allows applications to specify a custom border color for when the sampler address mode VK_SAMPLER_ADDRESS_MODE_CLAMP_TO_BORDER is used.
  • VK_KHR_shader_subgroup_uniform_control_flow : This extension exposes the availability of the SPV_KHR_subgroup_uniform_control_flow SPIR-V extension for shader modules use. The SPIR-V extension provides stronger guarantees that diverged subgroups will reconverge.
  • VK_EXT_color_write_enable : This extension allows applications to selectively enable and disable writes to output color attachments via a pipeline dynamic state. This has the potential to reduce pipeline counts for increased efficiency.

Fixed Issues

  • While playing MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries on DirectX 11, visual artifacts may be observed on some AMD Radeon graphics products such as Radeon RX 6000 series graphics products.
  • An error message – Error 184 – may be received after running the AMD Auto-Detect and Install Updates utility program on Windows 7 based systems.
  • Adobe Substance 3D Painter may freeze while running this application on some AMD Radeon graphics products such as Radeon RX 6900.
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