La version 2015.03.21.32 de SiSoft Sandra est disponible

Le programme d’informations et de benchs SANDRA de l’éditeur SiSoftware est maintenant disponible en version 2015.03.21.32. Ce nouvel opus supporte la dernière Technical Preview de Windows 10 et plusieurs benchs du programme ont été mis à jour. C’est notamment le cas des benchs : Disk,Video Shader et GPGPU Fractal.

-> Télécharger Sandra 2015 SP1a (version 2015.03.21.32)

Liste des changements apportés par Sandra 2015.03.21.32 (en anglais) :

* Support for Windows 10 Tech Preview
– Updated to the latest tools & libraries for forthcoming Windows 10, with various minor compatibility changes and support for new APIs, technologies as well as hardware.
– Will support DirectX 12.
– Support for very-wide SIMD AVX-512 family.
– Updated resources for high-DPI (retina+) up to 200% 192ppi or higher – e.g. huge 256×256 icons.

* Disk benchmarks
– Added buffer size (4kB, page size) testing for disk benchmarks (Physical, File System Bandwidth &I/O)
– Increase buffer and queue depth sizes for high I/O devices
– Encrypted disks (including SED) and file system reporting.

* Video Shader benchmark
– FP16 (half-float) tests (emulated as FP32 where not supported).

* GPGPU Fractal benchmark
– FP16 (half-float) tests (emulated as FP32 where not supported).

* Disk Hardware
– TCG/Opal support

* High-DPI display control adjustment
Changed font size selection for high-dpi (e.g. 150%+) displays.

* Windows 10 Tech Preview support
– Minor fixes and optimisations for the brand-new preview release.

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