Les pilotes Radeon 17.40 beta compatibles Fall Creators Update

Suite à la sortie de la Fall Creators Update de Windows 10, AMD a mis à jour ses pilotes Radeon Crimson Relive afin de les rendre compatible avec la nouvelle mise à jour de l’OS. Les drivers portent le numéro de version 17.40. Attention ils sont encore en phase beta pour le moment. Vous pouvez les télécharger sur cette page d’AMD.


Voilà le changelog complet :

Support for
– Beta level support for Windows®10 Fall Creators Update.

Known Issues
– Mixed Reality headsets may fail to render when running in Hybrid Graphics system configurations.
– A limited number of displays may exhibit brief signal loss periodically.
– System hang may occur during Mixed Reality 360 videos playback on Radeon RX Vega series graphics products.
– An HDCP error code may be observed while playing Blu-Ray content on a secondary attached display.
– Radeon WattMan profiles and settings may not persisting after resuming from sleep.
– A system restart or hang may be observed when launching DX12 applications on Multi GPU enabled system configurations with Radeon ReLive enabled.

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