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  1. Nero Burning Rom

Nero Burning Rom

  • Publié par Sebastien le 4 juillet 2002 à 16:21

Après la version parue il y a quelques jours, Ahead Software vient de publier sur son site web la version de Nero Burning Rom. A noter qu'à l'heure où j'écris ces lignes, le patch en français n'est pas encore disponible. Pour télécharger Nero cliquez ici ou .

  •  Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed bug, that caused Nero to treat empty directories as files, if they were cut and pasted in an ISO compilation
    - when creating a DVD-Video compilation using the Nero-Wizard, ISO filesystem was generated instead of ISO/UDF which causes DVD-Video disks not to play on stand alone DVD players.
    - When using the VCD Menu preview window before starting to burn and cancelling, the compilation view was not updated.
    - Fixed recording of Audio session of CD-Extra projects that occured with some recorders.
    - For SVCD compilations, the system and application identifiers are the default one, not the special CD-i one
    - Modified Erase CD-RW/DVD+RW/DVD-RW Dialog
    - Fixed DVD-RW full erase

  • Features Added:
    - Added Nero Express !!! For Nero Express features please see the Nero Express product info page.
    - Added several new recorders.
    - Allow MRW-Media to be erased before pre-master burning
    - Files can be dragged and dropped from a CD or DVD drive into a compilation
    - Display compilation size and media capacity in the warning dialog for overburning.
    - Allow switching of the medium type while burning ".iso" images.

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