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annonce la sortie de AnyDVD en version Vous
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. A noter qu’elle apporte la liste (en
anglais) des améliorations suivantes :

Added detection and removal of a new type of protection "MacroVision RipGuard"
as found on "Madagascar WideScreen" R1 (US) or "Vet Hard" R2 (Netherlands) to
the option to remove "Protection based on unreadable Sectors" Note: RipGuard
could be copied together with elby CloneDVD2 since AnyDVD version, but
this new version supports drag and drop of all files from DVD to harddisk as

Added support for a new version of the Sony Arccos protection as found on "Seinfeld
Season 6 Disc 3" R2 (German) to the option to remove "Protection based on
unreadable Sectors"

Information Window now shows MacroVision RipGuard, if it was detected.

Information Window now displays, if "Error zones between files" have been
removed, like on "Resident Evil – Apocalypse" R1 (US)

A noter que notre offre de

10 dollars de remise
grâce au code "blue" est toujours d’actualité. Elle est
valable jusque le 30 novembre. Pour plus d’informations, reportez vous à

cette actualité

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