Cartes ATI Radeon 128 Mo

a annoncé hier deux nouvelles cartes graphiques équipées chacune de 128Mo de
mémoire DDR. Il s’agit d’une nouvelle version de ses cartes ATI Radeon 8500.

MARKHAM, Ontario, February 4, 2002 –
ATI is refreshing its lineup of RADEON™ graphics cards, bringing
exclusive features and adding a shot of adrenaline to the performance
mainstream segment – at an unbeatable price […] Featuring 128MB of DDR memory, the RADEON 8500LE will show its true
capabilities when put up against today’s GPU-taxing games. The
future-readiness of this card will mean that consumers can be confident that
this product will perform for them well into the future […] The RADEON 8500 will get a boost as well. It will now also feature 128 MB of
DDR memory, increasing memory bandwidth capability and making this card ready
for whatever next-generation games throw at it.

Ces cartes devraient être disponibles dans le
courant du mois de février à un prix de 230 euros pour la Radeon 8500LE et 345
euros pour la Radeon 8500.

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