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  1. CloneCD est disponible !

CloneCD est disponible !

  • Publié par Sebastien le 23 mai 2001 à 18:19

Une nouvelle version de CloneCD vient de faire son
apparition. Il s’agit de la version dont voici les améliorations
apportées :

    Features :

  • Added option to disable "Timed I/O" in the "Control
    ElbyCDIO" application. Use this option, if you have problems running
    CloneCD. (It is another "Safe Mode", and should be used before
    "WinASPI32 mode" is tried as the last hope)
  • Added support for more CD-Writers.
  • Verification of path of the "Log File" dialog
  • Updated language files.
  • Added F1 help in the read/write/copy/erase wizard.

    Compatibility fixes and improvements
  • Hardware requirements updated.
  • Adjusted I/O Timing for improved compatibility.
  • Workaround for hang on application startup with some CD-ROMs and
    third-party IDE Busmaster drivers.
  • Windows 9x: Waiting for I/O completion is done in user mode, as CPU usage
    tools showed bogus CPU usage for CloneCD

    Bug fixes
  • The path of the Image File vanished, if "CANCEL" was clicked in
    the image file dialog.
  • The help pop-up windows could open "behind" the application
  • In WinASPI32 mode, the Windows 9x AutoInsertNotification Settings page
    showed bogus drive letters

Pour télécharger CloneCD, cliquez

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