Motherboard Monitor 5.07

Une nouvelle version du célébrissime logiciel de monitoring : Motherboard Monitor
vient de voir le jour. Ce programme passe donc à la version 5.07 et
intègre de
nombreuses améliorations comme vous pouvez le constater :

  • OSD
    -Stig has totally re-done it, should have fixed the visual glitches that got
    -Added hotkey support, (default CTRL+ALT+M) turn it on on the OSD tab, won’t
    work if you enable the normal OSD
    -Added the OSD in a seperate thread that will update every 5 seconds no
    mather what you MBM interval is
  • DLL
    -Added support for the Dallas SM DS1780 (thank you Tim Harvey)
    -Added support for the dual Dallas SM DS1780 (thank you Tim Harvey)
    -Added support for the dual ADM1024 (thank you Stephen Ricciardi)
    -Added support for the dual ADM1025 (thank you John Wibbelsman)
    -Added option to make the DLL ignore the MBM call for a sensor reset when
    starting up (see help file FAQ for detailed info)
  • EXE
    -Fixed timer interval change not taken over until restart of MBM
    -Added FTP code to the Mail dll, hence it’s now the mail & ftp dll
  • Settings
    -Added hotkey options for OSD
    -Added FTP section to E-mail section
  • Installer
    -Will remove any found mbm5mail.dll as there now is a mbm5mailftp.dll
    -Will add uninstall MBM icon to program group. Seems not everybody knows
    there is a "add/remove software" group in the control pannel
  • Help File
    -Added a load of stuff again

Pour télécharger Motherboard 5.07 cliquez
et pour son patch multilingue cliquez là.

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