Nouvelles versions d’utilitaires

Quelques utilitaires sont disponibles dans de nouvelles versions.

Radeon Tweaker 1.1.0 :

Voici toutes les nouveautés apportées par cette version :

  • added fifteen new registry tweaks; radeontweaker has finally caught up with raid-on tweaker ;)
  • added
    ‘create shortcut’ button to the profile page

  • added the ability to run a program via the command-line
  • loading a profile via the command-line now functions properly
  • added
    ‘refresh settings’ option to allow rt to display the latest registry settings without restarting the application

  • added ability for memory latency/timing to take effect at boot
  • forward-ported all bug-fixes from 1.0.1

2.0 Bêta
Voici toutes les nouveautés apportées par cette version :

  • System tray option
  • Load with windows option
  • Lots and lots of bug fixes with OpenGL misc

  • 12.00 anisotropic filtering fix
  • Added more W Buffer options
  • Memory consumption is down to a whopping low
    average of 1.5mb. Beat that any other NVIDIA tweaker.

  • You can shave of even more memory by deleting

  • Improved alpha blending support
  • Restore « Rollback » feature works now
    – restores all your settings even feature registry entries by enumeration.

  • Fast writes is disabled by default because it
    can cause screen corruption. If you want to enable support in NVmax create a
    DWORD with value 1 in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARENVIDIACorporationGlobalSystem
    called « NVmax_EnableFW »

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