CDFreaks a publié le test du ND-2500A

Notre confrère CDFreaks vient de publier
le test
(en anglais) d’un graveur DVD±RW8x, le ND-2500A de NEC.

"We have
to admit that it’s the first drive to support 8x DVD-R and 4x DVD-RW, this in
itself makes the drive stand stronger than most competitors. We did get
impressed by the writing quality of this drive, for CD-R discs it’s only
beaten by the Lite-On LDW-411S that we reviewed a while ago. But for DVD-R and
DVD+R discs it simply outclasses all the other drives we have reviewed. Yes
writing quality is important for you, in our opinion this is the most
important thing to consider when getting a new drive as you do want your discs
to work and last after you have written them, don’t you? The drive is also
very quiet in operation and the build quality seems good."

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