DirectX8.1 Release Candidate et finale

Si l’on en croit ce communiqué officiel envoyé aux Bêta testeurs de
Microsoft, la version RC (Release Candidate) de DirectX 8.1 devrait leur être
envoyé prochainement. A noter qu’après cette Release Candidate, la version finale
de DirectX 8.1 devrait (enfin) faire son apparition.

Dear DirectX 8.1 Beta Tester:

The DirectX Team is currently working on the Release Candidate (RC) for
DirectX 8.1 and we plan to release this RC to you sometime next week. We are
very close to releasing the final version of DirectX 8.1, so your assistance
in quickly evaluating the quality of this RC is appreciated!

We ask that you install the Release Candidate as soon as it becomes available
and provide us with your immediate feedback. Bug reports must be received by
October 8th to have any chance of affecting the final release.

Désolé, les commentaires sont fermés.