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a testé le jeu Startopia

"Startopia est un jeu de gestion qui nous amène
dans l’espace intersidéral à la tête d’une base spatiale. Profitant des
derniers effets DirectX, ce jeu augure-t-il le renouvellement des jeux de
gestion à l’ère du tout 3D ?"

Cafe a testé le Zalman CNPS 5000

"Once you pick up the sink and feel the heft, you will immediately
understand why the elaborate mounting system.  At 430 grams, this is one
heavy pup!  But with weight being a secondary issue because of the mounting,
it allowed Zalman to really put the good "fit and finish" on the sink. 
Looks alone make this thing rock."

Cafe a aussi testé le Swiftech MC-462

you can see, size does matter.  A full 7 degree difference between the
"stock" MC-462 fan and the high end Delta.  Keep in mind that
this was also the temperature difference between the MC-462 and it’s closest
rival the Thermaltake Dragon ORB3.  As far as air cooling goes the Delta
EHE is most certainly the ticket."

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