Articles intéressants (en anglais)

vient de m’informer qu’ils ont réalisé un article consacré à
. Il s’agit d’un système de refroidissement pour cartes graphiques.

"Notice the feet. They serve two purposes. They elevate the unit slightly
so as to create a gap around the sides of the card for cool (well, cooler) air
to be drawn into. The other thing about the feet, always an area of concern to
me now, is that the feet are rubber and non-conductive. There will be no slow
motion profanity from an accidental short here."

De son côté CDRW
vient de mettre en ligne un comparatif de graveurs
. D’un côté on trouve le LiteOn LTR-24102B et de l’autre le dernier
bébé de Plextor : le PlexWriter PX-W2410A.

"CD-R Recorders have come a long way since
1994. Back then the 1x and 2x CD-R Recorders were the top models and would have
cost you a nice tidy packet. Today’s CD Recorders are a new breed, not only do
they write at high speeds to CDR media and burn a disc in around 3 – 5 minutes,
but they also write to CD-RW media at 4x or higher."

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