CDFreaks teste le TEAC CD-W552E

CD Freaks vient de publier le test du graveur CD-W552E de TEAC. Ce modèle est
en mesure de graver les CD-R à la vitesse de 52x, les CD-RW en 24x et lire les
CD en 52x. Pour consulter cet article (en anglais) rendez-vous sur
cette page

"As most of our readers will know, the
current CD-RW recorder market is reaching its peak. CD-recorders have reached
their maximum speeds and almost all major CD-RW drive manufacturers have
started producing their fastest recorders. The Japanese TEAC company is no
exception and has recently released their CD-W552E drive. As the model number
suggests the drive supports 52x writing (and reading) speeds, while re-writing
is done at a maximum speed of 24x.

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