WinAmp 3 Alpha L8 est disponible

Une nouvelle version de WinAmp 3 vient de voir le jour. Il s’agit de la version
3 Alpha L8 dont voici la liste des changements apportés. (en anglais)

  • much faster startup time
  • systray ASSERT should really really be fixed now
  • 8-bit UTF-8 playlist names work, 16-bit ones still don’t
  • lots more text now translated through locales system
  • improved component painting (more efficient, less wrong)
  • faster skin loading (caches unpacked skins into temp directory)
  • faster playlist loading
  • can select mozilla to be used in the minibrowser
  • ID3 tags read on a timer
  • many and vast improvements to the UI subsystem
  • hokey transparent context menus (under win2k, just ’cause they look cute)
  • bugs fixed, added

Vous pouvez télécharger WinAmp 3 Alpha L8 sur cette

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